Sep 11, 2015

The 1st European Microfinance Day (EMD), 20th October 2015, aims at raising awareness of microfinance as a tool to fight social exclusion and unemployment in Europe. A central European event will be held in Brussels and a multitude of workshops, debates, expositions, meetings, etc. will take place at local level all across the EU-28, in collaboration with the members of both networks.

EMN and MFC will celebrate the 1st European Microfinance Day, and will do so in cooperation with the 180 members of both networks in the European Union. e-MFP Chairwoman Anne Contreras and e-MFP Board member Claudia Belli-Jeanteur will take part in the 'Workshop on Regulations and laws for microfinance in the EU' which takes place on 20th October.

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