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The European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) with over 130 members is the leading network of European organisations and individuals active in the financial inclusion sector in developing countries. e-MFP fosters activities which increase global access to affordable, quality, sustainable and inclusive financial services for the un(der)banked by driving knowledge-sharing, partnership development and innovation. » See more

Finanzas Inclusivas para la Seguridad Alimentaria y la Nutrición - ¡Abierto el plazo para presentarse al premio de 100.000 €! La Finance Inclusive pour la Sécurité Alimentaire et la Nutrition - Prix...
Kicking off a series of guest blogs on the topic of the European Microfinance Award 2023 – Inclusive Finance for Food Security...


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March 17, 2023 by Incofin
The Water Access Acceleration Fund (W2AF), an impact-first blended equity fund for water, has been launched. By investing in water companies, W2AF expects to provide 20 billion liters of safe drinking water to 30 million people, especially in Africa and Asia. W2AF’s partners include e-MFP members Incofin, Aqua For All and BNP Paribas.