Women's World Banking (WWB)

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Organisation general information
Organisation name: 
Stichting to Promote Women's World Banking
Founding year: 
United States
Total number of staff: 
Resources dedicated to microfinance: 
Percentage of microfinance activities: 
Type of organisation: 
Non profit
NGO, Network/Association/Platform
Organisation's contact person
Contact person: 
Dana Santye
8 West 40th Street, 9th floor
NY 10018
New York
United States
Organisation summary

The mission of the Women's World Banking global network is to expand the economic assets, participation and power of low-income women and their households by helping them access financial services, knowledge and markets.

The five core objectives of our WWB's 2011-2013 Strategic Plan are:

  1. Identify women's financial needs, products and services
  2. Incubate innovative products and services
  3. Codify and disseminate knowledge to financial institutions
  4. Scale by rolling out tested innovations and by strengthening capabilities that enable women-focused innovation
  5. Prove the business case for women
Type of intervention: 
  • Equity
  • Subsidies in staff time (e.g. technical assistance/capacity building, evaluation)
  • Subsidies in staff time (e.g. research / information dissemination)
  • Subsidies in staff time (e.g. networking/ donor / coordination)
Countries of intervention: 
South America
Areas of intervention: 
  • Macro level: Client protection, Supporting networks and associations, Strengthening national/regional microfinance support sector, Capacity building (focused on all MFIs)
  • Intermediate level: Rural finance, Microfinance investment vehicules, Business development services, Social impact/performance, Urban finance, Gender, Youth
  • Micro level: Capital/equity investments, Financial product development and innovation, Delivery models (group, indiv.), Performance (financial and social), Strategic planning, Marketing
  • Other themes: Impact and performances studies
Main competences: 

WWB believes that equipping women with the right financial tools, including credit, savings and microinsurance, is one of the most important ways to uplift and economically empower women and their families, and ultimately to reduce poverty. WWB's research shows that a mix of well-designed products can help women withstand financial pressures and elevate their economic status and that of their families.

WWB network members are diverse in geography, size and structure but united in the firm belief that microfinance must remain committed to women as its clients, innovators and leaders. WWB works with these institutions to design financial products and services that fulfil women's needs while demonstrating the sustainability and social impact of serving women, "proving the business case". By providing innovative approaches that can be replicated and scaled, WWB can generate impact and prove that investing in women directly can be profitable. Furthermore, by investing in women, WWB produces a multiplier effect on the well-being of households and communities. WWB works with microfinance institutions to:

  • Create innovative products including credit, savings and insurance and works with partners to bring these products to scale
  • By designing tailored products and using marketing and delivery techniques not currently used in microfinance, WWB seeks to give women not only access to financial services, but also control over their assests
  • Provide institution-strengthening services to support microfinance institutions, including gender diversity initiatives, and financial training and support
  • Develop principled, visionary leaders and meritocratic organizations through its Center for Microfinance Leadership
  • Share knowledge and innovation by providing network members opportunities to exchange best practices with other microfinance leaders
Please indicate any innovations in your microfinance program planned for the coming year: 

In 2013, WWB will:

• Continue to conduct research to understand the unique financial needs of low-income women;

• Develop innovative savings, credit and insurance products, with a focus on technology; 

• Focus on scaling financial products within and outside of the WWB network;