Social Performance Task Force
Organisation general information
Organisation name: 
Social Performance Task Force
Founding year: 
United States
Total number of staff: 
Percentage of microfinance activities: 
Between 70 and 100%
Type of organisation: 
Non profit
NGO, Registered 501(c)(3) member organization. The Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) consists of over 3,000 members from all over the world and every microfinance stakeholder group
Organisation's contact person
Contact person: 
Laura Foose
7816 Carteret Road,MD.
United States
Organisation summary

Vision: Social performance management (SPM) is standard business practice and considered fundamental to achieving the social promise of microfinance.

Mission: To engage with microfinance stakeholders to develop, disseminate and promote standards and good practices for social performance management and reporting.

The SPTF will achieve this by:

  • Setting and promoting industry standards for SPM
  • Providing a platform for dialog, learning and collaboration
  • Facilitating engagement and advocacy across the industry among all stakeholder groups

Promoting good practices of MFI’s with demonstrated success in social performance management

Type of intervention: 
  • Promote Social Performance Management Standards. US$1.4 million annual operating budget
Countries of intervention: 
Programmes open to all regions.
Areas of intervention: 
  • Macro level: Prudential regulation, Supervision, Interest rates and rate caps
  • Intermediate level: Microfinance investment vehicules, Post-conflict/disaster microfinance, Social impact/performance, Environmental microfinance, Gender, Youth, Health
  • Micro level: Performance (financial and social), Ratings and external audits, Our members do direct capacity building – so we do not compete with our membership. We do manage a co-funding facility, however, in SSA and MENA that provides co-funding to MFIs to pay for TA to upgrade social performance systems.
  • Other themes: Impact and performances studies, Evaluation
Main competences: 

The SPTF Universal Standards for SPM (USSPM):

Developed through broad industry consultation, the USSPM are a set of management standards that apply to all microfinance institutions pursuing a double bottom line. Meeting the standards signifies that an institution has “strong” SPM practices. To achieve this, institutions must:

  1. Define and Monitor Social Goals;
  2. Ensure Board, Management and Emplyee Commitmenr to Social Goals;
  3. Treat Clients Responsibly;
  4. Design Products, Services, Delivery Modeks and Channels That Meet Clients’ Needs and Preferences;
  5. Treat Employees Responsibly; and
  6. Balance Financial and Social Performance


To find out more about the Standards, please visit

Please indicate any innovations in your microfinance program planned for the coming year: 

Please find attached the executive summary of our 3-year strategic plan. We have shared the full strategic plan and budget with e-mfp staff, and a copy can be provided for application if needed.

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