ICCO Terrafina Microfinance

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ICCO Terrafina Microfinance
Organisation general information
Organisation name: 
ICCO Terrafina Microfinance
Founding year: 
Total number of staff: 
Resources dedicated to microfinance: 
Percentage of microfinance activities: 
Type of organisation: 
Non profit
NGO, Network/Association/Platform
Organisation's contact person
Contact person: 
Mrs Mariel Mensink
P.O. Box 1578
3500 BN
+31 (0) 302348200
Organisation summary

ICCO Terrafina Microfinance aims to contribute to agricultural development and poverty alleviation, through improved access to microfinance and the facilitation of expanded rural outreach - by sustainable microfinance providers - for rural producers and entrepreneurs in selected African countries. We do so in close collaboration with: Rabobank Foundation, Oikocredit and Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services.


  1. Professionalisation of rural MFIs in Sub-Saharan Africa
  2. Expansion of rural and agricultural outreach
  3. Upholding standards of client protection and social performance
Type of intervention: 
  • Loans
  • Guarantees
  • Subsidies / donations in money
  • Subsidies in staff time (e.g. technical assistance/capacity building, evaluation)
Countries of intervention: 
Areas of intervention: 
  • Macro level: Supporting networks and associations
  • Intermediate level: Community-based finance solutions, Rural finance, Value chain development, Social impact/performance
  • Micro level: Financial product development and innovation, Delivery models (group, indiv.), Performance (financial and social), Ratings and external audits, Strategic planning, Marketing, Graduation of MFIs, Risk management, Management information systems, Rural and agri-finance by MFIs (including their involvement in agricultural value-chains)
  • Other themes: Evaluation
Main competences: 
  • Professionalisation of local rural MFIs (including cooperative MFIs)
  • Providing access to wholesale loans (through the ICCO Terrafina Microfinance consortium)
  • Agricultural microfinance
  • Social performance
Please indicate any innovations in your microfinance program planned for the coming year: 

Scaling up our interventions in agricultural value-chain finance through MFIs, as well as other agriculture related microfinance product development trajectories.

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