Bridging the gap between research and practice on financial inclusion and microfinance is essential to strengthen the effectiveness of the sector, assess its impact and further new frontiers of development. The Action Group on Research (AG on Research) will bring the latest research findings, best practices and new technologies to practitioners in a language easily understood by all will considerably increase the usefulness of research and contribute to improve the lives of the populations in developing countries served by the financial sector.

The AG on Research comprises a group of academics, practitioners and experts on financial inclusion and international development ready to share and exchange knowledge, experience and passion in a multidisciplinary and multinational environment. We aim to strengthen and complement the profiles of the group and collaborate on a friendly and flexible manner.

The AG on Research is currently working on a comprehensive analysis of the impact of COVID-19 crisis on the microfinance sector. The analysis consists of three key activities: an in-depth literature and secondary information review, interviews of key players and a survey.

Action Group Heads

Davide Castellani
Max Niño – Zarazua


Joana Afonso


Video: The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the Financial Inclusion Value Chain