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e-MFP Board and Secretariat

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Press Releases 2016:

21 November 2016 - European Microfinance Week wraps up with debate on digital finance’s threat to traditional microfinance

18 November 2016 - Kashf Foundation, winner of the 7th European Microfinance Award "Microfinance and Access to Education" (additional French version)

17 November 2016 - Celebrating ten years of inclusive finance at European Microfinance Week 2016 ( additional french version)

26 September 2016 - Fundación Génesis Empresarial, Kashf Foundation, and Opportunity Bank of Uganda announced as Finalists for 7th European Microfinance Award on Access to Education (French version, Spanish version)

Press Releases 2015:

23 November - Press release: European Microfinance Week wraps up with look ahead to future of microfinance

20 November - Press release: Crédit Rural de Guinée Wins 6th European Microfinance Award, for Innovative Response to Ebola Outbreak

19 November - Press release: European Microfinance Week (#emw2015) Focuses on Financial Inclusion for Sustainable Development

24 September 2015 - Press Release: Crédit Rural de Guinée, The First Microfinance Institution - Syria and TSKI from the Philippines announced as Finalists for 6th European Microfinance Award in Post-Disaster, Post-Conflict Areas & Fragile States

Press Releases 2014:

17 November 2014 - Press release: European Microfinance Week wraps up with tribute to breadth and depth of e-MFP's members' work in developing better markets

13 November 2014 - Press release:5th European Microfinance Award and new Memorandum of Understanding between the Luxembourg Government and the EIB

12 November 2014 - Press release: European Microfinance Week kicks off with focus on developing better markets

24 September 2014 - Press release on the finalists for the 5th European Microfinance Award