Jun 08, 2017

Call for a Consultant 
Training for Investment Officers
Due diligence for MFIs venturing into SME finance

Training description

In recent years, many MFIs have ventured into SME finance without adequate knowledge or experience, with various degrees of success. Some have effectively diversified into this new customer segment and have become effective financial providers to the “missing middle.” Others found themselves laden with bad debt and high losses. When conducting due diligence, it is critical for investment fund analysts to be able to differentiate between successful and unsuccessful SME programs.

This one-day training should review the key issues that investment fund analysts need to be aware of when conducting due diligence of MFIs providing or planning to provide SME finance products and services. It should especially deal with the characteristics of SMEs in comparison to micro entreprises, how to assess SME loans, the procedures that should be in place within the institution to serve this segment, the specific risks of the SME sector and the main challenges for the organization at all levels.

The training will take place on Friday 13th of October 2017, in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in the framework of the African Microfinance Week.

It will be a full day training, 9am – 5 pm.

The maximum number of participants will be 20.

The training should include a heavy emphasis on case studies and sufficient time for in-depth discussion among participants facilitated by the trainer.


Over the past three years, the e-MFP Investors Action Group (former Investors in Tier 2&3 MFIs) has organised trainings for the investment officers of its members with a triple objective:

  • Increase the analysts’ capacity to detect the key risk elements of a MFI during a due diligence
  • Share practical experiences during due diligence;
  • Improve networking amongst analysts, hence facilitate the sharing of main conclusions of due diligence between MIVs, and thus, ultimately, improve the social and financial performance of MFIs.

The trainings have taken place in the framework of the African Microfinance Week and the European Microfinance Week and the past topics were:

  • Main challenges encountered while conducting due diligence of Tier 2/3 MFIs
  • How to assess the Management Information System (MIS) during a Due Diligence process?
  • Corporate governance

Required Background for Consultant

  • Deep knowledge of due diligence processes of MFIs providing microfinance and SME finance
  • Experience in delivering trainings and courses

Interested candidates should submit their CV and a summary of experience relevant to this training as well as the daily rate and the number of days required to Gabriela Erice (gerice@e-mfp.eu) by the 14th of June 2017.



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