Feb 15, 2017

The European Social Enterprise Law Association is an international network of law firms, legal experts, academics and others specialising in the law as it relates to social enterprise. The ESELA Annual Conference will be taking place this year on 28 April in Brussels on the theme of 'Teaming Up in the Middle: How Business and Not for Profits Jointly Create Social Impact'.

Whilst the discussions will have a legal flavour and focus, there will be a mix of perspectives from entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, policy specialists and legal experts. The theme of ‘teaming up’ will be explored for international development, the welfare state, social impact bonds, alternative finance and social funds.

It is a varied and lively agenda, including: 
 * a keynote address from the Belgian-Flanders Minister of Social Welfare, Jo Vandeurzen
 * an update from Patrick Klein of the European Commission on its legal policies and plans for social enterprise 
 * an overview from Katerina Hadzi-Miceva Evans, Executive Director of ECNL on the development of social enterprise in Eastern Europe
* case studies from:
      - the NGO Close the Gap
     - Inclusie Invest - the social purpose company raising capital for disabled people
      - VDAB - the regulatory authority for the labor market in Flanders; and
      - SI2 Fund - the social investment fund
 * reflections from leading policy experts and practitioners, including Oxfam and BNP Paribas
 * legal perspectives from leading legal experts

 The full agenda and registration is available here

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