Dec 22, 2016

Financial Inclusion Forum UK is excited to invite you to what promises to be a stirring and thought provoking evening “Digital Financial Services: Are we realising their full potential?” featuring Graham Wright, Founder of MicroSave and Anant Nautiyal of GSMA hosted by Citi on 19th January in London. Digital financial services are now being touted as the answer to financial inclusion. But there are growing concerns that DFS focuses almost exclusively on payments – not least of all because mobile network operators are leading the charge, and banks typically remain laggards. Having asked the poor to run the marathon out of poverty on one leg (microcredit), are we doing the same again by asking them to run the race with digital payments alone? We know that the poor need a range of financial services (savings, credit, insurance and payments) and thus real financial inclusion must provide all of these. So how do we move DFS beyond payments? And are we doing enough?

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