Dec 20, 2016

The ADA Chair is launching the first edition of its Certificate in Law and Regulation of Inclusive Finance from 16th of 27th January 2017. This two weeks of executive training aims to deepen the students’ specific knowledge and skills in the field of inclusive finance law and regulation, with a focus on developing countries ensuring awareness of the topic of law and regulation in the inclusive finance scene for regulators, intermediaries and other inclusive finance organisations.

Around 20 students (regulators, financial intermediaries and other inclusive finance organisations)  from 16 nationalities are registered coming from South and North: Indian, Cameroonian, Indonesian, Pakistan, Tunisian, Maroccan, Mongolian, Kenyan, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Jordanian, Beninese, British, Japanese, Colombian, Spanish. 

Teaching staff :
 * Jean Marc Goy , Cross-border financial supervision,  CSSF
 * Anne Contreras, Arendt & Medernach / e-MFP Chairwoman
 * Sarah Canetti, ADA
 * Prof. David Hiez, University of Luxembourg
 * Prof. Isabelle Riassetto, University of Luxembourg

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