Reporting for social investors in microfinance and financial inclusion is a fast-changing practice. Over the past several years, many e-MFP members who manage social investment funds have actively sought to deepen their social reporting. Often collaborating with select investees and guided by industry standards, such as the Universal Standards of Social Performance Measurement (USSPM), these investors sought to track actual changes in client well-being.

That has been the genesis of a recent partnership between e-MFP and the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF). In light of the extensive interest from e-MFP’s social investor members, the e-MFP Secretariat launched the Social Performance Outcomes Action Group, which working jointly with the SPTF Outcomes Working Group was tasked with the specific objective to develop guidelines for integrating outcomes measurement into the operations of inclusive finance investors.


Ms. Gabriela Erice

Action Group publications

European Dialogue N°10:
Guidelines On Outcomes Management For Investors: Guidelines for integrating outcomes mangement, analysis and reporting into the operations of inclusive finance investors, asset managers, and other funders.