MFIs are increasingly using social performance assessment tools such as Social Performance Indicators-SPI, MIX Market social reporting standards and social ratings in order to become stronger and more responsible institutions. Investors could benefit from similar tools and approaches based on criteria for socially responsible investment.

The Making Microfinance Investment Responsible Action Group focuses its work on building a framework for strengthening the social strategy of microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs)  by creating synergies among actors, developing audit, rating, reporting frameworks and certification initiatives. This framework promotes standarised, complementary approaches and good practices for microfinance investment funds. Moreover it contributes to improving  transparency so that funds with strong social responsibility gain visibility and support MFI investees to achieve greater impact on final clients. 

Action Group Head

Mrs Cécile Lapenu, Cerise


Ms. Gabriela Erice

Action Group publications

Brief N°4:
Does good client protection impact financial performance?, May 2014

Brief N°2:
Strengthening Governance for Responsible Finance: Examples from European Investment Funds, October 2011

Brief N°1:
Driving investment decisions with social performance information, October 2011

European Dialogue N°3:
Making Microfinance Investment Responsible - State of the practice in Europe, November 2010

European Dialogue N°1:
The role of investors in promoting social performance in microfinance, June 2008