Mar 25, 2016

Positive Planet was created out of the growth and transformation of PlaNet Finance, of which the initial mandate, since its creation in 1998, was to fight poverty through the development of microfinance. Over the last 20 years, financial inclusion has evolved considerably. Today, Positive Planet is improving people's access to financial services, education, entrepreneurship, markets, health, housing, water and sanitation, and clean energy through local platform organizations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the USA.

Positive Planet has completed the implementation of the Shea Project Phase 1 (2012-2014), which was reaching more than 15,000 women shea processors through capacity building on best practices of shea processing, microfinance and ICT with the aim of tackling the major issues faced by women shea producers. The second phase of the project has the objective of facilitating access to health services for 7,000 women shea producers, increasing their revenues and upgrading their working conditions.

Positive Planet is now looking for an external consultant (inviduals, firms and consortiums) for the evaluation of this Soya value chain project. The consultant should be aware that this evaluation will take place in the particular context of an early termination of the project. Thus, the fieldwork activities will be conducted in parallel with the implementation of activities related to the exit strategy by Positive Planet team. This exit strategy mainly consists of conducting the last key activities to ensure the sustainability of these actions to every extent possible.

The evaluation will give a global appreciation of the following dimensions: relevance of the project, its effectiveness, efficiency, impacts, sustainability, and the added-value of Positive Planet support. The evaluation will answer to specific focus in each dimension.

More details are provided in the files:
TOR Evaluation soya value chain project
Financial proposal evaluation soya value chain project
Technical proposal evaluation soya value chain project