Feb 15, 2019

e-MFP members NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance and FMO  will hold a webinar discussion on Technological Innovations to Enable Farmer Finance on Tuesday, 19 February, at 10:30 AM CET.

Across emerging markets, accessing finance has always been a challenging issue for smallholder farmers. While the market opportunity is huge, it remains relatively untapped. Challenges remain in creating effective linkages across the value chain, appropriately assessing farmers’ risk profiles, and overcoming a lack of suitable financial products. Technology offers solutions to fill these gaps, enabling financial institutions to increase their reach in this market segment.

This webinar will introduce you to available AgTech and FinTech solutions that tackle the aforementioned challenges. The webinar will be co-hosted by FMO and NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance. Following an opening by expert speaker Rajiv Shetty, you'll see presentations by geodata provider VanderSat, software-as-a-service company Hello Tractor, and platform provider Cropin. These companies will walk you through the benefits of first mile data collection, the use case of geodata, alternative risk assessment models and new efficient approaches to reach farmers in the field.

Source: NpM