Mar 08, 2018

This week with International Women's Day, there's a lot of discussion on how to serve women clients better. During EMW we took at look at understanding women and their needs within the environment in which they live during the plenary Women clients ≠ women empowerment: beyond the numbers - moderated by Yasmin Bin-Humam of CGAP with speakers Bobbi Gray of Grameen Foundation, Imran Matin of Innovations for Poverty Action, Anna Zanghi of Mastercard and Bdour Al-Hyari of Microfund for Women (Jordan).

Empowering women has been a cornerstone of microfinance since before the term microfinance - or even microcredit - existed. It continues to feature prominently on publications and promotional literature. But what does it really mean to empower women?

Take a look at our media partner NextBillion's video of this facinating plenary:


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