Mar 14, 2017

We're delighted to announce our Off-site Sessions, a new activity developed under our Strategic Plan 2017-2021 that provides e-MFP with opportunities for more frequent touchpoints with its members and external stakeholders besides the European Microfinance Week. These sessions encompass different types of events, including seminars, training sessions, working sessions, etc., with the objective of raising awareness on e-MFP and its members' activities as well as on relevant topics to the sector. They will take place in e-MFP members' countries and will usually be organised in collaboration with local actors such as e-MFP members, e-MFP Action Groups, national platforms or external partners and stakeholders.

In 2017, two of these sessions are already taking place in April:

 * Presentation of the Microfinance Index of Market Outreach and Saturation (MIMOSA), 3rd of April in Paris. Organised in collaboration with BNP Paribas. For more information email,

 * Role of MFIs in improving access to and quality of education, 10th April in London. Organised in collaboration with the Financial Inclusion Forum UK. For more information click here

Other events are planned for the coming months and we'll update regularly.

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