Jan 22, 2015

For third consecutive year, the e-MFP Investors in Tier 2/3 MFIs Action Group publishes their Annual Survey. In this edition, the Survey presents the results of the consolidated analysis of the portfolios of the participants as of end 2013 by tier, type of investment and geographical location and the trends for years 2012-2013.

 e-MFP would like to thank the Survey participants for their collaboration and support:  ADA & LMDF, Luxembourg; Alterfin, Belgium; Babyloan, France; Etimos, Italy; Fefisol, France; Grameen Crédit Agricole Microfinance Foundation, France; KIVA, USA; Norwegian Microfinance Initiative, Norway; ResponsAbility, Switzerland; SIDI, France; TripleJump, The Netherlands.

To view and download the publication click here

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