Jul 14, 2016

MicroCapital features an interview on rural finance with Marina Kortenbusch, Business and Finance Consulting who serves as the Head e-MFP’s Rural Outreach and Innovation (ROI) Action Group and Josien Sluijs, e-MFP board member and Director of the Netherlands’ Platform for Inclusive Finance, which is also a member of the ROI Action Group.

MicroCapital (MC): Why is it important to serve rural markets?

Marina Kortenbusch (MK): In most emerging economies, the rural sector employs a large share of the working population. Developing rural markets is an effective way to boost prosperity by increasing the incomes of individuals whilst also contributing to food security, reducing environmental impact and increasing exports.

MC: What are some key differences between rural and urban markets?

MK: The incomes of many rural residents fluctuate with the seasons and are more exposed to weather conditions and natural disasters than those of their urban counterparts. This elevates the importance of insurance products tailored to meet their needs. These can help stabilize incomes and encourage investment in business growth.

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