Jul 12, 2016

The symposium "Agricultures, ruralities and development" from the XXXIIIrd Development Days of the "Third World Association" aims to take stock of the theoretical and professional debates regarding agricultural and rural development, food security, and their reciprocal relations with overall development.

It will take place on May 22-24, 2017.

Call for papers:
Communication proposals may come under varied disciplinary fields: economics and management, socio-anthropology, law and political sciences, demography, geography, environmental sciences, agronomy... They will fall into one or more of the themes proposed below. They will specify, in two pages maximum, the problem, the method adopted and the results, and the main elements of the bibliography. Abstracts that do not respect these presentation guidelines will not be considered. Abstracts may address theoretical, empirical or methodological aspects. Abstracts addressing empirical aspects need to specify the nature and origin of data, if addressing primary data, abstracts must present data gathering methods.

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