Jan 26, 2021

Building knowledge to guide a long-term COVID response: Weathering the Storm II

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, e-MFP has been tirelessly working to provide the financial inclusion sector with timely and actionable information that different actors need to respond effectively to this unprecedented challenge of our time. The launch of covid-finclusion.org in the early days of April 2020, the Special Edition Covid-19 Financial Inclusion Compass in July, and the information-packed European Microfinance Week 2020 in November have been the most visible contributions. But there has also been much work behind the scenes.

Over the past six months, e-MFP has been collaborating with the Center for Financial Inclusion on Weathering the Storm II, a project that explores FSPs whose experience with crisis during the past decade is particularly relevant to the challenges of today. Thus far the project has produced four case studies, with one more to be published. This will be capped by a publication that will draw out lessons from these five – along with the original ten cases included in the 2011 Weathering the Storm – to develop a crisis management framework designed for the needs of today’s pandemic and beyond. The project has also hosted webinars, including during European Microfinance Week, that feature experts in crisis management sharing their experience.

For more, read the detailed description of the project and its objectives, along with the project materials hosted by the Center of Financial Inclusion. And stay tuned for additional online sessions and materials that will share these important findings.

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