The e-MFP Human Resources Action Group gathers together financial inclusion professionals with experience in human resources and activities related to human capacity development (HCD) for MFIs in developing countries.

The objective of the Action Group is to promote Human Resources as an integral part of good business practices in MFIs. MFIs commonly have a large customer base – and many employees. Thus the institutions' success and financial performance depends to a large extend on their human resources – their qualifications, their motivation and level of satisfaction. The AG contributes in landscaping current HR functions and sharing experience on human resources practises carried out in a strategic and sustainable way to create maximum impact on financial and social performance.

Main activities for 2018-2020 are:

  •  Review of current Human Resources practices and capacity building offer in/for MFIs world-wide
  • Analyse the impact of HCD on financial performance of MFIs by investigating the contribution of critical success factors
  • Prepare input to revision of relevant USSPM dimensions, existing due diligence guidelines, and other financial inclusion and HCD-related standards
  • Incorporate the lessons learnt into capacity building mechanism in the financial inclusion industry

Action Group Heads

Rüdiger Meister, Academy of German Cooperatives.
Patricia Richter, International Labour Organisation.


Joana Afonso