Strengthening Resilience to Climate Change

The €100,000 European Microfinance Award 2019 "Strengthening Resilience to Climate Change" focuses on the important role of the financial inclusion sector in increasing the resilience of communities vulnerable to the effects of climate change. While the changing climate impacts all countries, sectors, and people, they are not all affected in the same ways. Climate change is particularly threatening to poor and marginalised communities.

The Award seeks to highlight good practice and innovative interventions offering products and services capable of responding to clients' vulnerability to climate change effectively and in a sustainable manner and thus driving economic, environmental and social benefits.

The application timeline, details of eligibility and more about the scope of the award can be found in the Explanatory Note that is published in English, français, español.

The preliminary application round for has now closed, and we are delighted to announce that 41 organisations from 27 countries have applied. Applicants who successfully qualify for the 2nd round will be invited to submit full-form applications during the first half of May.

For further information visit the the European Microfinance Award website.

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Our video Why the European Microfinance Award? explains more about the aims and benefits of the Award:

Photo: © IFAD/Amadou Keita