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The European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) with over 130 members is the leading network of European organisations and individuals active in the microfinance/financial inclusion sector in developing countries. e-MFP fosters activities which increase global access to affordable, quality, sustainable and inclusive financial services for the un(der)banked by driving knowledge-sharing, partnership development and innovation. » See more

Over 150 delegates and speakers from more than 30 countries attended the 5th European Research Conference on Microfinance - if you missed the event, catch up on the main highlights in the new...
e-MFP & NpM are pleased to announce a one day training for investors on green inclusive finance organised by the e-MFP Microfinance & Environment Action Group.
August 18, 2017
In 2010, Omtrix, a microfinance fund manager based in Costa Rica, saw that the greatest barriers...
August 3, 2017
Today, the microfinance industry is much more than microloans. New products have been included in...


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August 11, 2017 by e-MFP

A special track on “Microfinance” will be included at the FMA 22nd European Conference taking place 13th to 15th June 2018 in Kristiansand, Norway. This is the first time a special track on microfinance is included at a FMA conference and is a unique opportunity to disseminate research among top finance scholars

European Microfinance Week 2017 - 29 Nov - 1 Dec - Luxembourg